We have a new leading idea! (almost)


This is quite a change! I thought ISA would be the absolute #1 idea until it is implemented but here we go, one more vote and Limit Orders will take the lead.

I guess people may have taken their votes off ISA due to the certainty that it will be implemented regardless, but that is still quite an interesting change.

How soon do you think we can expect limit orders now and would you ever use them? :upside_down_face:


Ooh, exciting. I guess people think ISA is a done deal anyway so there’s no need to vote for it - I imagine most users will switch to ISAs in the long term, though I’m going to wait till next tax year as I already have one in use this year.

Limit orders I think would be great, and I’ll definitely use them, even for long term trades. I might also use them to play around with short term trading since fees are so low on Freetrade. Exciting to see that lots of other people want them too.

Please please please can we see these soon, and a proper roadmap which gives some indication of priorities for the longer term? Great to see the Christmas list Freetrade have come up with, which covers the essentials, but I’d like to see them differentiate themselves from other brokers with some interesting features like more sophisticated limit orders, so that they’re not only competing with incumbents on price…


ISA first, ISA first, ISA first!!

I think the creator of the limit order topic should get some Freetrade socks :face_with_monocle:


And transfer-existing-ISA!

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