How are you coping with the Votes limit on #Ideas 💡?

(Jonny) #21

Ha! In that case I apologise! :flushed: Thanks for the increase :hugs:

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(Dave Smith) #22

There is a saying that if everything is urgent then nothing is. In a similar vein, if you vote for everything you might as well not vote for anything…

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I haven’t ran out. Got 6 votes left when I voted for something yesterday. :writing_hand:

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(Shaun McDonald) #24

Maybe I’m missing something, I can see a list of things I’ve voted for, however I can’t see a number for the votes available or votes that count for things I’ve voted for.


(Alex Sherwood) #25

It’s not ideal but you’ll see the number of votes that you have left each time you vote for something.

I’m not sure what you mean?


(Shaun McDonald) #26

I don’t see anything when I vote in Safari on a Mac.

As closed topics don’t count as votes, I can’t use a count of the times on the vote list. Though I’m not going to count to 75.



Why not just find something to vote on and it will show you how many votes you got left then just retract it if you don’t really support it.


(Emma (#20 😎)) #28

I think it only shows when you have less than 10 left

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Oh right, that’s why it showed for me then. :rofl: I thought before I could see it in my profile but when I checked, I actually can’t. Did it change?


(Emma (#20 😎)) #30

I’ve never noticed it in my profile, only by counting

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(Alex Sherwood) #31

My bad, I expect Emma’s right about this -

I’ll send you a message so that we can look into this some more.

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