Display price change next to securities in Discover

(Thomas James Nicholls) #1

Would it be possible to have the percentage rise/fall for the day next to each stock in the discover tab, maybe even price. Maybe you are already working on this but I think that would make finding stocks you like a lot slicker.

Vote for the features that you want Freetrade to build :ballot_box:
(Alex Sherwood) #2

Thanks for suggesting this, just to check, how would you use that information?

Another user’s suggested adding the ability to filter by price in the Discover tab which might help too - please give that post a like if it would :raised_hands:

(Vladislav Kozub) #3

Like the idea. Could be something similar to this:

Shows daily change and a yearly graph. Quite handy :slight_smile:

(Kenny Grant) #4

I like the yearly graph as a sparkline.


Love that yearly graph Vlad

(Donald Philp) #6

Love this idea!! @Vlad image suggestion is great. it makes the searchable universe more interesting and dynamic, it will definitely make me scroll through the list more, as current this button is very under utilized for me.

(Alex Sherwood) #7

Great! Don’t forget to vote for the idea :wink:


Hi Freetrade,

I think it would be nice when you tap on the stock graphics to convert % into absolute values.
And also to have additional information for the periods (similar to google’s graphs). For example when you click “MAX” it would be nice to see on the graph each year ,respectively months in “1Y” The graphs show the trend, but probably there is specific periods when this trend has been affected.