Variable Percentage Change on Discover Tab


Recently the %change on the discover tab shown next to each stock has changed from daily change to monthly change.

I’m not sure who directed the decision but personally I have been able to achieve much less gains since being able to see the daily change of every stock on 1 page was a very fast way to find ideal buying points for certain shares.

With thousands of stocks to look through it now takes hours to discover sharp drops in prices rather than minutes. I hear the change was to encourage long term investing, but the point still stands that buying on dips will always be more profitable.

I believe this change has quite dramatically disconnected users from the present (which is where all profit really lies), with no other alternative for easily discovering sharp price drops, i.e. threshold notification alerts or a stock price API for user analysis.

I firmly believe that an option of at least being able to select the duration used for the %change on the discover page should be provided, i.e. day/week/month, to allow faster analysis of the current state of the market for users, since currently it’s just too slow to do manually!


Out of interest, got a source for this?

Only my personal experience I guess, but I think it’s pretty obvious that the lower price you buy at the more potential there is for gain?

If you think a stocks gonna climb then surely you’d want to get in at the bottom rather than a few days late?

Sorry to pick apart the post. It’s just that you were so sure I thought I was going to get some Farma & French quoted at me.

I’ve always believed time-in beats timing. You can only control one of these.

I also never knew discover was on day and not month returns.


:joy: it’s cool man, and yeah up until maybe a month or two ago, was a brighter time!

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Please make this user customisable. The Discover function would be much more useful for many if it showed the daily change in share prices rather than the monthly change.

If users need to use a different source for easy access to share prices, it means they are also more likely to trade elsewhere.