Fractional Shares Timescale

Hey guys,
I keep seeing mention of fractional shares coming soon - just wondering if you had a timescale at all?
On that note, the two other things that I’d mainly be interested in (besides more stocks!) is an API to retrieve my positions, average entry price, ex div dates etc, and some sort of DRIP - are both of these on the horizon? Any idea when abouts they’d be likely to be released? I guess DRIP can’t really happen before fractional shares, so that’s the pressing one really!



If you look at the roadmap, Fractional shares is in the up next after all the things they’re working on at the moment. Later this year is the only timeline I’ve seen mentioned

Roadmap here


Hey Alex, welcome to the community :wave:

As Emma mentioned, the roadmap’s the best place to check for a summary of the things that we’re working on & getting a rough timescale for when they’ll be ready. We don’t have a more concrete date for the launch of fractional shares yet. But we’ll be sure to share it here as soon as we do.

We collect everyone’s suggestions in the #ideas category in the community & you can vote for the ideas that you’d benefit from the most, to help us prioritise what to add.

There’s topics for [Feature Request 🔧] APIs for Accessing User Portfolio & ☑[Feature Request 🔧] Autopilot 🤖 (Automatic investment) already (& they have quite a few votes :muscle:) so get stuck in :grinning:


Cool - thank you both!


Quick question: is the ability to purchase a percentage of a share specific to stocks, or theoretically you could also purchase a fraction of a bond if you decided to also allow users to buy bonds with the platform in the future?

Anything more specific on when we’ll get fractional US shares? This the a killer feature and the reason I signed up.

Is there somewhere to vote to push this to the top of “up next”?

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They have their own timelines and priorities that are unrelated to voting popularity on this forum.

Idea thread can be found here along with details of roadmap (this feature is already on the roadmap)


That’s not quite right, votes on this forum are one of the considerations when we decide what to prioritise.


Thank you, I searched but couldn’t find the idea. I have voted for it now.

It’s baffling to me that in the US, they seem to see a high per share price as a good thing. “Bigger is better” mentality I guess.


I’m also desperate to get fractional shares. All we’ve heard is that it will be this year, but no word on whether it will be Q3 or Q4

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Hi Alex. Is it still the plan to have fractional shares from £1 upwards? I seem to remember seeing it on the homepage but it doesn’t seem to be there anymore so I wondered if that’s still the case?

Hi Alex,
Where can I find the roadmap?

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Roadmap is here.

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We just used £1 because it was a nice low, round figure. There’s no set minimum order value at the moment but we’ll have to wait and see how fractional shares shape up before we can confirm if there will be a minimum value for those :balance_scale:

Will we be able to buy fractions of ETF’s ?

Please only do fractional shares as an option. I personally want to buy whole shares

It has been confirmed by the FT’s team that buying by whole shares is coming. No ETA though

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It is already here? With the new PLUS account offering worked orders there is now a way of buying whole shares.