Freetrade is Out 🔥 Share your first thoughts once you get access!

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The quick answer to this is if you’re a round 1, 2 or 3 investor who earned the queue jump, you can ignore your waiting list position & you’ll be given access in the applicable phase that Ian outlined here -

More details on the rollout

If you’ve not earned the queue jump & you’ve not been told that you’re one of the Super Early Testing users, then you’ll be given access based on your position in the waiting list.


So was I. Rejected :sob:

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Why rejected?

I have also noticed that instant trades get rejected. Issue reported and hopefully there will be a quick fix.

Life of an early tester though, at least you had the doze access given :wink:


S&P is up 15% today! is that normal for this index?

That’s a bug, we’re working on fixing this :raised_hands:


I wonder if the bug also affects the basic trade at the end of the day?

i.e. it looks like it works now but when it executes at day end it fails?

If you see bugs - best to report via the live chat in the app, this way they will be fixed much quicker and you will have an almost instantaneous response from the team :slight_smile:


@stephen the real-time pricing you see on ETFs is not accurate right now, we’re going to be adding the LSE data feed shortly which will fix this. Worth noting the data feed you see in the app right now is only from Cboe and indicative; the trades are executed with LSE market makers so will be the best price we can get at the time of the order given the size of the order.
We didn’t want the ETF data issues to prevent us from sending out the app to our first testers today though.:grinning:


Good stuff, thanks @adam

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Earlier access > Minor data issues :sweat_smile:

Just tested the withdrawal process and it is sweet too. You even have a nice courteous warning on the withdrawal settlement. I guess once it will be instant at some point, there will be less need for extra attention.


Bug fixed, Instant is working for me now


Now, do I cancel my 4pm trade and do it again as instant, or just let it happen in 4 :thinking:

Test the cancel function :grin:

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Worked well

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I’ve now got access.

Thank you!


I love how you’re testing with such large sums of cash! I’m thinking where do I put my £20 …


Testing is not commitment to spend anyway, topping up and withdrawing does not cost either.

And I am looking at terminating my relationships with the current broker and slowly moving my entire investment portfolio down to Freetrade, hence the sums :slightly_smiling_face:


I’m jealous of everyone haha!! Glad to see everyone is having such positive experiences so far!!!