First Freetrade orders

(Vladislav Kozub) #1

Hey Chris, did my first transaction just now! Once you confirm it (Touch/Face ID or, assuming, your PIN), the first screen comes up where Freetrades sends your order. Then your queue for the end-of-the-day transaction is confirmed.

And you can easily cancel it too!

Freetrade is Out :fire: Share your first thoughts once you get access!
What Stocks/ETF’s have the Super Early Testers added to thier Portfolios
(Chris) #2

Literally just done that myself. Feels good.


Ooh S&P, I’m tempted by that too…


I’m just jealous of the sums haha!

So I just queued to buy:
Ftse 100 = 3 shares
Uk dividend plus = 3 shares
S&P 500 = 1 share

I am loving this app already, the fact I can buy such small amounts means I can just throw spare change into my account and top up small.

Loving it.

(Chris) #5

Decided to see if I could find my trade :joy:

EDIT: Just realised I could have trimmed it down further on the time.


Safety first with my first orders:

(Emma) #7

Bit of diversity

It’s 4 shares of Centamin btw, they’re sorting that out at the moment. I’ve definitely kept Toby busy today :joy:

(Chris) #8

I’ve made 5p profit today.*

*Ignoring instant trade fees :joy:

(Pablo) #9

I’ve given it a first go at creating a portfolio that is risk-diversified using Risk Parity (what Ray Dalio’s All Weather portfolio uses) using the top 10 trending stocks (using a simple momentum strategy) as my universe.

(Rough) allocation seems to be:

AZN: 11%
WTB: 8%
SHP: 11%
HL: 10%
FERG: 12%
LSE: 12%
ULVR: 11%
BRBY: 5%
BNZL: 12%

Disclaimer: use at your own risk, not investment advice, performed purely for testing purposes

It’d be awesome to be able to perform such allocation automatically with Freetrade, or have an API to get data (this uses Yahoo) and contribute such algorithms.

In any case, this is just to show that one can create a risk-diversified portfolio that shouldn’t move too much with recessions, and pay no fees to set it up with Freetrade! I’m very excited.

First Orders Through the App!
Freetrade is Out :fire: Share your first thoughts once you get access!
(Aris David) #10



Hi Everyone.
Not wishing to poke my nose into your private affairs but what Stocks etc have you Super Early testers added to your Portfolios ? :bank:

(Emma) #12

I have

1x UK dividend aristocrats ETF
2 x Barclays
1 x Scottish Mortgage Trust
4 x Sirius Minerals
7 x Centamin

Had a National Grid one but sold it


Worked for them once… was surprised how much we rely on them.

(Jeff puckering) #14

Just the core for now S&P 500, FTSE 250 tracker and UKDV :slight_smile: looking forward to researching what other ones I want as part of my strategy

(Chris) #15

Hargreaves Lansdowne
UK Dividend (IUKD)
S&P 500
UK Dividend (UKDV)

So far so good. Continuing my research on what to buy next.


My first trade - MSCI World :slight_smile:


First trade was FTSE 100 (ISF), followed swiftly by UK Dividend (UKDV), then a few individual shares to play with / for diversification!


iShares MSCI world IWDG. (I find it much easier to pick trackers than individual stocks.)


Statistically, you’ll be better off too!



I usually try stay about 95% global stock and bond trackers, roughly in a 60:40 ratio. And 5% more punchy stuff - crowdequity, tech stocks and so on.

The fiddling with the 5% helps me stay disciplined with the 95%. (That’s what I mutter to myself as I wonder whether those Chinese internet stocks will rebound, or look at wind farm bonds on Abundance etc etc).