First Orders Through the App!

(Tommy Lowe) #1

Hi all :wave:

With the launch round the corner, I’ve been thinking, like I’m sure most of you have, about where I’d like to invest some of my capital, and thought it might be fun to have a guess at what the first stock order will be through Freetrade.

The Robinhood Rewind for 2017 showed their most traded stocks to be Ford, GoPro, Snap, Fitbit & AMD, but with some dips to the heavy hitters and some newcomers to the markets, what do you think will be the first stock ordered through Freetrade on launch? (Bonus points for correctly guessing if it will be instant/non instant :nerd_face:)

What's the first stock / ETF you'll buy when the app launches?
We're adding our first stock requests from the community to our Stock Universe

I’m going to be kinda vanilla and bet on the Vanguard S&P tracker ETF.

(Tommy Lowe) #3

Ha! I purposefully tried to steer it towards stocks, only because I totally agree with you :smirk:

(Viktor) #4

I personally think we’ll see interesting conviction bets on certain companies.

By the way, I’m curious about the popularity of the LSE-traded companies (as opposed to US stocks). For now, we foresee US stocks being more popular.


Personally I will be investing more in US stocks with the fractional shares the absolute cherry on the top.
First stock however a buy and hold - Unilever.


Interesting choice, Richard. They’ve made some big changes recently with the margarine sell-off. What intrigues you there?

(Chris) #7

I’m planning on starting with some of the bigger names myself.

(Adam) #8

Obvs the first trade will be Instant - Basic trades aren’t executed until the end of the day :hourglass::wink:

(Vladislav Kozub) #9

Would certainly start with SP500 ETF and get into US stock as soon as they are available.

Purely due to weak UK market that has grown 20% nominal in the last 20 years. Do not even want to adjust for inflation :roll_eyes:

As soon as the US comes out, I believe people will go for FAANG. If not, certainly for US tech!


Hi Toby. As a novice investor it is simply that I have Unilever products in my bathroom and kitchen, recently went to Portugal and purchased more Unilever products all unintentionally Unilever. I’m hoping as thier prices gradually creep up I will get some of my money back through dividends or the stock price heading north :slightly_smiling_face:

(Calum McWhir) #11

I’m a big fan of this approach to personal finance (as opposed to just investing). Although it’s not publicly traded the Co-op offers 5% cash back on own-brand products for members (free to join). Good way to win customer loyalty. I see Sainsbury’s is in the initial stock universe so you might apply the same logic there if it’s your local.

So is Diageo - owner of Guinness - no comment :yum:

(Big Boss) #12

Software is (and will continue) eating the world!

So buy your FANG and BAT. Buckle up and enjoy the ride!

(Christopher) #13

Privileged information! :rofl:

(Christopher) #14

I’m with @Vlad on this, I expect a lot attention will be paid to the FAANG+s, with particular shoutouts to APPL and TSLA.

(Vladislav Kozub) #15

Do not expect BAT to be released quickly, I guess these stocks will come with a delay. At least I cannot remember TCEHY being on the list of the “will release at start” spreadsheet


I am a fan of this approach too. But I guess the counter argument is that the behaviour of the stock market is severals levels abstracted from “AAPL is a strong company…” or “I use AAPL’s products… so its stock will go up, so I should buy its stock”. Otherwise Apple’s +28% would surely have out-performed eg BlackBerry’s +84% in the 12 months to March 2018.

That suggests that I need to either become an expert at securities analysis and behavioural etc and quant etc, which seems like it would be very hard. Or to ride the market with an index tracker, which seems quite easy. But of course it is hard to just leave it at that and I do buy stocks alongside the Vanguard :smile:


I think the TCEHY ADR has a minimum buy maybe? - remember there being something unusual about it. TSLA remains a very risky buy imho. AAPL is the opposite - as the dividend grows it looks increasingly like a safe bond.


Actually Tesla’s a good example: if I had one I’m confident that I’d think it wonderful. That alone might not be a good reason to buy the stock - TSLA has production difficulties and looks precarious, one market correction away from being unable to finance its cash needs.

(Tommy Lowe) #19

Timely, front page of the FT this morning (apologies if you hit the paywall)

Elon Musk left Tesla investors more uneasy about the electric car maker’s path towards financial sustainability during a fractious call with Wall Street analysts on Wednesday, prompting a 5 per cent sell-off in shares in after-market trading.

Worth remembering how far TSLA went in the Freetrade buy and hold for 5 years game though :slight_smile:


Worth remembering how far TSLA went in the Freetrade buy and hold for 5 years game though :slight_smile:

Ha yes. I played that game and voted against them every time.