First Orders Through the App!

5 years is the key. Whilst TSLA is the biggest overhyped no-no to me, I cannot possibly imagine what will happen to it in 5 years. I guess it will either quadruple or go bankrupt :grin:
Those who want it now… well, enjoy the ride!


Are we live yet? My position in the list keeps growing…

We’ve been seeing a LOT of demand, thousands of people signing up and referring others these last couple of weeks. :hushed:

If your spot changed only a bit (e.g. less than a few hundred positions), I wouldn’t worry much. That won’t materially change when you get the app. Let me know (via DM if better) if your position grew more than that!

By the way, the outstanding tasks are:

  • Transaction reporting. We are required to report every trade that takes place on our platform to the regulators. We do this using an Approved Reporting Mechanism (“ARM”) — in our case the LSE’s UnaVista platform — to which we submit a daily report in a prescribed format. Our connection to UnaVista is in place, and we’re in the process of testing the report generation and upload.
  • Penetration testing. The security of your cash, assets and data is paramount for us. So, we’ve engaged a specialised firm to test our systems for any vulnerabilities. This isn’t a regulatory requirement, but it’s industry best practice and we wouldn’t be happy launching without it. The short wait is worth it to keep you safe!
  • Onboarding will start when the above two tasks are completed. The first customers to be onboarded will be our Crowdcube investors. We’ve prepared a separate Android waitlist you can get on with only one tap when we reach your spot and you happen to be an Android user.

You should see your position improve soon!

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Good luck with UnaVista. Their interface is stuck in 1900’s. In relation to the APA, I take it with the batch orders you will be routing them through an SI to reduce your Trade Reporting obligations?

No comment re: UnaVista :wink: Thankfully we’ll be plugged in and passing data through automatically, such that I won’t be spending too much time with the interface. Famous last words.

Trade reporting (as opposed to transaction reporting) is covered off by the venue (London Stock Exchange). We’re routing exclusively through the RSP network if that means anything to you, but this strategy will adapt as volumes grow. DM me if you want to geek out further!

(RSP network ≈ panel of market makers).


It would be really interesting to see an “anatomy” of how stock broking actually works.

(Perhaps a bit like Monzo did for how banking works behind the scene - eg and )


Our Stockbroker Operations Manager @rob_h just mentioned he was working on exactly this post.


I mean, really:

“And so where specifically will you be in terms of capital requirements?” Sacconaghi said.

“Excuse me. Next. Next,” Musk said to the call operator. “Boring, bonehead questions are not cool. Next?”

[…] “Sorry,” Musk said, “these questions are so dry. They’re killing me.”


Check out his thread today discussing the call

The reason the Bernstein question about CapEx was boneheaded was that it had already been answered in the headline of the Q1 newsletter he received beforehand, along with details in the body of the letter


Think maybe Musk is trying to live the Tony Stark comparisons.



A tad off topic but interesting VW making a play to attempt to undo the damage caused by diesel emissions fiddling…

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So, last chance to have a guess, where’s @adam going to splurge?


If I was him, I would have withdrawn the funds and get them all into Round 3!


This one does not appear to be on the list, even in the US section.

@rob_h what is the most volatile option in the universe at launch? :boom::smirk:

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Throw this dog a bone! Head vs. Heart?

Edit to add: Let’s take a punt on a symbolic trade… LSE? Too bad you can’t short HL. @adam !


What’s their office address? Maybe we need to send some ibuprofen and Berocca for tomorrow morning?!


It’ll be hair of the dog my friend, remember what they have in store tomorrow afternoon…