Our first Open Banking integration is here

Open Banking relates to bank accounts only. Whatever else they are doing is not through Open Banking.

Hello Sam,

I’m on Android and it doesn’t work, just tried to top up just like in the video and it’s the same as before this upgrade.

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I assume it’s a gradual roll out, everyone won’t get it straight away. I think it’ll be the same until you see an update from the app store. I don’t have the new service yet either.

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Since it’s a pretty substantial change to how you get money into Freetrade, and we’re no longer talking about small numbers of people, we’re rolling it out gradually.

If you’re on the latest version of the Android app, you should see it change by itself over the next few days.


Anyone else having an issue with the open banking top ups with a First Direct current account? Doesn’t work for me. I’m in discussion with FT Support and I’ve still got some Google Pay to fall back on for now, so not a major issue but it would be useful to know if it’s just me or a general FT/FD issue. Thanks.

Yes, I’ve had problems with depositing from FD and money going missing, although I’m not sure it’s a FD problem.

I posted about it here…


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Will more banks be added? Co-Op can’t be used within the app

Thanks Paul! Link doesn’t work for me tho?

Aah, okay… sorry it’s a link to a closed discussion for beta testers.

When I tried to deposit I was presented with a screen instructing me to click an android icon in a browser window; but the icon didn’t exist. Exiting by pressing the back button stepped back through the deposit flow and returned me to the FT app. At this stage the deposit had been taken from FD, but was not recorded in the app… it’s still.missing…

Apologies for this. We are ironing out kinks with different browsers on android.

If money has left your bank account it will be allocated to your balance. However, since it’s a bank holiday, you won’t see it on your freetrade account until tomorrow.


Thanks @jimmythompson.

I reported in app chat so you may want to check in with Troy if you haven’t already…

I’ll look out the deposit arriving tomorrow

If it’s any help I am using Firefox 79.0.5 (Build #2015758619

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@jimmythompson It may be relevant that I also have “Open links in apps” toggled ON in firefox…

Hi @caribo - thanks for raising this.

It looks as if the Firefox browser header UI may have been updated to remove the Android icon previously used to open a link in an app - apologies for any confusion. Please could you confirm whether you’re able to use the browser settings > open in app option to redirect instead?



The deposit flow works as expected when choosing “Open in app” from the menu and returns me to the freetrade app confirming the deposit. :slightly_smiling_face:

I would expect to see a seamless transition back to the freetrade app. Anything less seems sub par to me.


When can I expect this feature to be “rolled out” to me? (I’m on Android)

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Just used this feature. Works really well - It feels much more secure when transferring funds. No more checking annoying reference codes and bank details.

Only improvement is reducing the time lag from completing the transfer and allocating the funds to your account. 3-4 hours feels like a long time… Is there a plan to remove or reduce this?


Glad to see you’re enjoying using the new feature @lucas :slightly_smiling_face: .

Reducing the time to credit your open banking deposit is in our plans for the feature, yes. But first, we’re looking to increase the uptake versus the manual deposit so that we’ve got accurate, up-front transactional data to work with.


I’ve topped up my account yesterday for the first time since June and I like the new integration, definitely an improvement from having to manually send money through. However next step needs to be instant transfer, which I’m sure you are working towards.