Bank transfer not showing in Freetrade account

I bank with Monzo and followed the steps in the Freetrade app to add cash to my General Investing account.

Monzo shows that £5,000 has gone, but two hours later and the money still isn’t showing in Freetrade.

How long does it take to appear so I can start investing?

It’s usually fairly quick (i.e. 2 hours would be the max I’d expect generally), but it could be that there is a rush on, or as it’s your first transfer it’s taking extra verification?

You could contact them directly to ask?


Hey Dan, bank transfers can take 2-4 hours and can often arrive even faster.

We’ll send you a notification when it’s arrived.

Apple Pay and Google Pay are instant, though there is a £1k lifetime limit on those.

And welcome to the forum! :wave:

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I’ve had an issue twice now when depositing through Monzo (flagged in app support). When taken back to FT it just hit a loading screen both times and no matter how long I left it it didn’t fix itself. The money did come in after a couple of hours, thankfully. May deposit again on payday so I’ll see if 3rd time’s a charm!

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I bank transferred 300 yesterday and another 500 today - about 5 hours ago - and neither of them are showing. Bank is HSBC.

Any ideas?

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