Funds not put into account

Hi there,

Yesterday I opened an account with freetrade. At around 4:30pm GMT I transferred £ into my account. This has registered with my bank, and has been taken from my account, but it has not yet appeared in my freetrade account. I know it normally takes 2-4 hours for funds to appear but now it has been over 20. Any help is appreciated.


How did you transfer it? Via the app, Apple Pay or from your bank account (the latter requires a reference)

If it’s from the app it’s usually not to long, the money won’t have disappeared though. But you might want to ask support if you don’t see it soon. Though they’ve been jammed with tens of thousands of new customers queries as well they may not be as fast to respond as they usually are atm

It’s strange, it’s gone from my bank account is the issue.

It’ll be sitting in the pool of money to be added to your account. The money doesn’t get touched otherwise.

Assuming the reference is all correct then just be patient.
It takes 3-5 days to withdraw the money AFTER it has been deposited

I have just experienced the same, I have transferred funds to by stock and the funds have not been added into my account…

My Trading 212 account funds are added immediately, so you never miss out on a transaction.