Instant bank transfers are here

Add cash to your account in seconds

We know that waiting a couple of hours for your bank transfer to arrive was frustrating, so we’re very excited to share a brand new feature with you today.

Instant bank transfers have arrived. :zap:

You can now add cash to your account in seconds, with unlimited and free bank transfers, 24/7.

How do I use this feature?

If you’ve linked your bank account already, you don’t need to do anything. Next time you make a bank transfer to your Freetrade account, your cash will appear in your account instantly.

If you haven’t linked your bank account yet, simply tap on the ‘Instant bank transfer’ option when adding cash. Make sure to link your personal bank account for a smooth transaction because we can’t accept business accounts.

Please note that in some cases, it might take a few hours for your cash to arrive if you’re transferring money from your bank account for the first time.

What if your cash hasn’t appeared instantly?

Your money is always safe.

We’re unable to process your transfer instantly if:

  • Your name on your bank account doesn’t match that on your Freetrade account
  • You have used a non-linked bank account to make the transfer
  • You haven’t included a reference number
  • You’ve used a joint account

If you think this happened to you, and your cash hasn’t appeared in your account within a few hours, please email us at and our team will sort this for you. If we don’t hear from you, we’ll return your cash transfer back to your bank account in 5-10 working days.

We hope you enjoy this new, faster way to add cash to your account.

When you invest, your capital is at risk. The value of your portfolio can go down as well as up and you may get back less than you invest.


Ooh, just tried it - super speedy! Well done Freetrade :+1:


Did it without knowing this morning. The notification from Freetrade popped up before i even clicked the ‘done’ button on my bank transfer!! :+1:



Well done :clap:.

Will we have any improvements in withdrawals?


Will it work for instant SEPA? In other words will instant deposits be available at launch in the EU countries?


& for withdrawal improvements, we’d like to do this at some point but it’ll be a little while longer :pray:


Hey Sergey,

Our intention will be to deliver the fastest possible deposits we can when we launch in European countries but this may vary between each country.




What about transfers out? Will they become instant too? (assuming the cash is in the account & not waiting for settlement)


Anything lined up yet the same for withdrawal!

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This is great news for cutting down complaints on social media, app stores and most importantly here. :tada::tada::tada:


@AdamL from Doyin: for withdrawal improvements, we’d like to do this at some point but it’ll be a little while longer


Okay. Thank you for you reply.

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This is the most welcomed feature in the history of the world ever


I must be the only person this hasn’t worked for. Linked bank account. 1.5 hours later money still not showing in Freetrade. Left my bank instantly though.

Are you going to allow us to add debit cards for those of us using banks which aren’t on your list?

Hi. I’ve got an issue where my bank doesnt allow more than £2000 transfers per transaction when done using this method. Is there a way I can make a direct deposit of my ISA allowance directly to Freetrade using direct transfer from my designated bank account?

Nice work Freetrade. Great new addition.
Now I will have less FOMO topping up and have less time to have second thoughts about buying a stock and lose money quicker😂