Freetrade in Croatia?

I just want to know if Freetrade will be available in Croatia.Beacuse we don’t have good aps and fees are soo high.


Hey, thanks for asking!

We will expand into more European countries over the next few months. Croatia isn’t on our list quite yet, but we’d love to bring you the app at some point, so stay tuned. :croatia:



Any update for expanding to Croatia? In what timeframe will the currently planned countries be covered? Is it a matter of months/years?

Any updates regarding availability in Croatia?


I am waiting for this aswell, but for now if you live in Croatia, you can use revolut or trading212 to buy stocks. Its a decent replacement until we get something better. Piece :v:

Looking for an update before my next trip to Croatia in August in case I have to do anything there.

Also, having an O.I.B. will we be able to have both an account tied to my N.I. number and a separate one for the O.I.B. ?

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