ETF requests - Country ETFs

A big issue holding me up from transferring an account over from Saxo is the inabilty to access most single country equity ETFs.

I’d like to see the major gaps filled in;

Europe ex-UK - believe DAX is now here, but italy/Spain/France
Other developed (Canada/Australia/Singapore)
Major EM - (Brazil, Russia, India, China already there I believe, perhaps then Mexico and South Africa…)

Most of these should have decent liquidity and AUM size either on iShares or Lyxor. Can we look to add these in the coming weeks please?? I can share tickers if required.

Best to make threads for each ETF, helps to garner support and votes!

Exactly this.

Make it specific which ETF please, and we’ll add them if there are no operational reasons not to.

We’re actively working on adding even those where we have operational holdups. They will take more time, but we are working on having a comprehensive ETF universe you deserve!


Which Global ETF’s on FreeTrade include South Korea?

VWRL and the iShares Asia Pacific Ex Japan.

EDIT: Apologies it is actually only VWRL.


Again this is where more ETFs are important. FTSE class South Korea as a Developed Market but MSCI class it as Emerging. Therefore, as we have the MSCI World (no Korea) and the Vanguard FTSE WM (no Korea) ETFs we loss it down the gap in the sofa.

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Also, only VWRL actually as I forgot that iShares class it as Emerging and so do not include it in the Pacific ex-Japan as that is only developed markets.

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Thanks guys! You brought a lot of these new country ETFs this week. Great work!