I Sold Over £5000 Worth Of Shares In March! 📈

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Another weekend, another video! This one will be interesting to a lot of people. I’ve rebalanced my portfolio and switched to cash quite heavily - you can see all the action here - YouTube

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Thank you everyone! Let’s see what Monday holds! :smiley:

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What would need to happen for you to put cash back into markets?

More pessimism. I believe the stock markets were very optimistic that the $2tn Stimulus Package is enough to support the economy.

99% of businesses in the US and UK are Small and Medium Enterprises. It would be very hard to support that many businesses and no doubt, unemployment has gone up. Sadly, once bankruptcies kick in then we’ll return pessimism.

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Will do! I am personally optimistic because of the stimulus measures by each government and China has been going back to work. Re-surge is a key risk but I do think we have seen a lot of panic.

Don’t fight the fed is what my company CEO told us since I started working. I am not gonna to.

Dont put bankruptcies that easily off the table. I think some businesses will be rescued through M&A of some sort so that will indeed have lesser of an impact on the economy. PEs and Banks are watching the spece very carefully and definetelly have a list of companies to go after. In this case, a merger or an acqusition is better than a total business closure. I am very optimistic :slight_smile:

I think I’m just naturally skeptical haha Also, we can’t 100% trust the case numbers by China as they did try to hide any news about the Coronavirus in the beginning.

The worry here is whether the EU economies and US acted fast enough. Sadly, I believe they’re being too slow to react and we’ve seen the case numbers in the US shoot up.

I think in the large enterprise area, yes this is a strong possibility.

But PE firms and Banks won’t be interesting in the Small and Medium Enterprises as the potential gains will be minimal if anything at all. This means the bulk of businesses are at risk.

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Partically agree, from my experience in M&A, especially working with chinese clients, PEs and banks are not only after cash cows that are at the brink of extinction now, small and medium enterprises have some strong proprietary technologies that can be good portfolio assets to grow them and exit. Otherwise, i hope there will as minimal impact as possible, yet the world will never be the same when this whole thing comes to an end :]