Recession scenario

Well my shares constantly dropping these past few weeks… is this the suttle moving money money out of shares in bonds etc on the run down to a recession !!

Been a lot of hype about a recession for a while now but with people only now feeling it with mortgage renewals…
We are soon…
So there will be a big reigning of spending so are we now at the cliff edge for a crash… if so anyone keeping any cash back for this scenario! I try to but end up buying stocks anyway😀

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Not sure if we will see recession or not, but there definitely seems to be tough times ahead for those on steep mortgages or who have little equity in their homes.

Anyway…the bigger point you make is about holding money for bargain hunting.

I think in an ideal world an investor would always have money waiting on bargains…whether its through a full market downturn or simply capitalising on a bad news day when the market overcorrects.

At this stage in my investment journey I am only building from buttons so I’m not in a postion to hold any meaningful cash for these situations, but certainly further down the road it would be something I would aspire to do.

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the market comes and goes in cycles

keep investing regularly

buy and hold

that is my 2 cents


:laughing: 'm investing in tubs of lurpack butter. Buy high, sell even higher :roll_eyes:


spread it around :rofl:


Sounds like a slippery slope to me!


Churning out the puns


You just sound salted


Jokes are spread thin now

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Im experiencing the opposite, my shares are going up, mind you my portfolio is mainly US companies, i only hold a handful of FTSE companies. I presume you are invested in FTSE companies? Which companies in your portfolio are you seeing drops?

Yes your right. I like the usa shares but find them overpriced to uk ones plus you have the pound to dollar conversion. I do hold oatley as thats one i think over time will do well.

They say uk market is cheap compared to others but not a lot of investors want to buy into it. Has the ftse had its time and slowly now being marginalised…

Back to the butter joke doh☹

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Disagree US companies are overpriced, a lot of stuff are at decent levels if your looking P/e wise, if we are talking big tech stuff, its had a good rally and things are looking overbought especially from the big 7 companies propping things up.

I dont tend to pay much attention to P/e ratios with growth stocks, i pay more attention to Peg ratios. Pound to dollar conversion is of no concern to me.

Regards to the FTSE, theres not much there that gauges my interest, if you look at the big whales/large institutions its NYSE and Nasdaq companies they warm too. This is why you see big moves/rallies etc.