Investing in Japan 🇯🇵

Does anyone invest in Japan :jp: through ETF’s or Investment Trusts ?
What are your thoughts on Investing in Japan :jp: ?
I heard and read a lot saying Japan :jp: is cheap currently and companies are raising dividends.
The Japanese stock market gained nearly 20% in the past year and appears to have been an unloved region that’s been stagnant for a long time.
I’m thinking of starting to buy the Vanguard Japan ETF.


Japan is the most indebted country in the world when you measure debt to GBP. This is a problem when the Japanese Government own huge swathes of the economies biggest companies. To me I’d say it’s a stagnant economy propped up by QE and government purchasing…

However, I’d definitely include it as part of your investment strategy, bit I certainly could justify anymore then a few percent of my portfolio to it.

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I have shares in sumitomo as well as exposure via MCSI World ETF. My Sumitomo shares are traded on the NYSE.

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I have a moderate investment in VJPN - performing well at about 10% up since purchase. I’d be similar to @anon810895 in outlook - I was a bit underweight on Japan so I increased exposure for diversification but it still only accounts for about 5% of my portfolio which is a level I’m comfortable at.


If we had access to Japanese stocks I’d likely buy Nintendo but that’s about it. I can’t really think of any other Japanese companies I’d be interested in own right now.

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Anyone know much about the Japanese stocks being added at the moment?

The Finnish stocks or HashiCorp?

Japan should not make up more than 6% of your investment portfolio…

The largest companies in the world used to be Japanese before the USA took over. Japan is still a good investment opportunity but I would look at indio-pacific (EX. JAPAN) as an investment strategy over the next 20 years.

Maybe £VAPX is a good starting point.

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I have 2.5% of VJPN in my V/Guard account.

In my FreeTrade ISA I have 2.5% in a Nikkei 225 tracker.

Too early to comment on performance.