Asian ETF tips

Hi all! Hope everyone’s start to 2023 has been good!

I’m moving into my second year with an ISA and I’m looking to diversify my portfolio a little bit more by including an Asian ETF as currently I’m a bit weighted towards US, UK & Europe. I’m looking towards more established economies such as Japan, South Korea and Australia but not really 100% sure where to start.

I currently have APAC Dividend and Far East ex-Japan in my watchlist but I’m not 100% sure if either of these are right for me.

I appreciate no one is going to be able to offer advice but if anyone is/was in a similar situation to me and can offer their opinion, that would be great.

Thanks all!

The JustETF links below allow you to compare all the Asia Pacific and Japan ETFs. This article lists some of the criteria you can use to decide between them.

It’s also worth weighing up whether you want to take an active or passive approach, so I’ve also provided links for investment trusts in the AIC’s Asia Pacific and Japan sectors too.

Asia Pacific ETFs:

Japan ETFs:

Asia Pacific trusts:

Asia Pacific equity income trusts:

Asia Pacific small-cap trusts:

Japan trusts:

Japan small-cap trusts:


Thank you! That looks incredibly helpful!

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