Highlighting New Stocks


Following on from this idea..

List New Stocks Added

Which design do you prefer & more importantly, why?


Initially the one on the left as the new is the first thing you see. But changed to the one in the right as less chance to miss the ‘new’ if the logo is brightly coloured


My preference is the one on the right, with the Logo on the right.

This is clear and concise, with the benefit of not messing around with the logo/row size.

The question is… will it be ‘new’ for each user, or defaulting for all. Meaning, if I don’t look at the app for a couple of months, will I see a bunch of ‘new’ stocks/eft’s that have been added since I last looked, or just a few that have been added in, let’s say, the last week.


Prefer the right side, it’s more noticeable.


I prefer the “right” one :eyes:

Unsure what this looks like on a a mobile device, but in the image white text on orange is a bit hard to read. Maybe more so on devices with smaller screens?

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Cannot see Apple and Amazon in my app. Please fix :pleading_face:

To the right looks much better and more noticeable. If it is below, you can get confused whether the label refers to the one above or below (to a minor extent).


We’ll be resizing longer names in the app update next Tuesday :grin:


The right side for me, the new label pops out more - there is a risk it might blend in with the logo on the left. Also it uses space better in the right.


Weirdly, the Discover tab on the right hand (i.e. “new” to the right of the name in the Discover list), and the per-Company page on the left (i.e. the “new” beneath the logo). This is purely because the font is massive on the individual Company view and so (as someone with an iPhone SE) space is at a serious premium!!

Edit: Can we use the purple for the “new” to make it more prominent?


Also purple is a great colour.

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Definitely right side for me. Only just reopened this from giving it a quick scan earlier and I honestly thought it was meant to be before and after images. Completely missed the “new” text on the left.

As I say I gave it a (very) quick glance :grin:


Prefer the one on the right, I’ve seen similar formatting on other apps and I think it’s more noticeable than having it below.

I much prefer the one on the right, I think it flows better.

I prefer the one on the right as well. I think it blends in with the design. Having the “new” under the stock name doesn’t look as good.

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Looks like right wins!

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In addition to this label can you add a “NEW” search term ( like ETF ) which shows just the new securities?


‘can you add a “new” search term’

Great idea :+1:t3:


Thanks for the feedback guys. We decided to go with the badge on the right and made it a little bit more visible. You’ll soon see it when we add new stocks :grinning:


Did this get implemented? When the US stocks arrived I thought I’d be able to immediately spot them due to the “new” tag, but it’s a big nope.