New UI layout - Logos all over

I am not sure it is just me or anyone else think on new FT layout for list of holding . It isn’t any clear neither it is consistent .

Logos have become big and but all others items and font remain same , doesn’t seems right and big logo boss over all other key detail.

Good if you ever play logo identifying game .

I have used marker heavily on screenshot so it may not give you clear idea here but look at your holdings so see what i mean .

I’m guessing this is iOS as my Android phone is still showing the bubbles around each stock and they are more spaced out.

I don’t mind it, it means you get more content on screen at once, which I think is helpful if you have a lot of stocks in your portfolio. I’ll have to see it on my app before I make a proper decision.

My IOS is still the same as before so not sure.

Edit my view

Personally , I prefer old UI over new . It’s was not perfect but consistent . Update your app and you will see new UI for portfolio .

Mine updated a couple days ago and that is my screen. Can’t see any new updates available but I have a large Iphone so not sure if different for smaller phones or OS.

That is a pretty terrible job of trying to scribble out how much you have invested in each stock :sweat_smile:


£1 each :slight_smile: ha ha

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