New crowdcube

Check out the new crowdcube design.



not very nice


I would rather they improve the system for keeping on top of your existing investments.

A new logo is not really what I care about


Or fix the iOS app which is extremely unstable & buggy


Uhm??? Not sure it is making any impression with me but …zzzz

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Different colours, same unstable app and no doubt same appalling business practices.

Not personally a fan of the new design and clearly I’m not the only one here that feels that way.

As others have said I really wish they’d focus more on improving their platform, especially the horrendous iOS app (and possibly Android one too).

Yeah this is polishing a turd, literally just substituted the logo in the app and changed the colours.

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I really don’t like it. There was nothing amazing/wrong with the previous branding, but somehow this new look feels cheaper, more “social” and less professional.


I think the (lack of?) colour harmonies are unsettling somewhat, but I don’t dislike it. I totally agree platform UX is a better shout than a simple rebrand, but I have it on good confidence there is much more in the works:

Crowdcube really seemed to have sh*t themselves when they goofed Freetrade’s 4th Round, and freetrade mulled leaving the platform for future raises. Perhaps in response, their latest shareholder report notes they are investing in their engineering team, even if it might mean sacrificing a profitable year . They’re hiring mobile and Backend engineers, as well as a new CTO. So I infer there’ll be notable platform improvements going forward. A source tells me one example is a new portfolio page (IRR metrics, Electronic EIS, etc) - which I think is a very positive step.

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Echo the sentiments of everyone here. Oh dear ugly.