New version of the app up in the app store


We just dropped a new version of the iOS app in the App Store!

You can now chat to us direct from the waitlist!

(Tommy Lowe) #2

Nice one, magic link bug has been squished for me in the new version too.

(Chris) #3

iOS12 Beta 3 has fixed it for me. Not yet updated the app

(Tommy Lowe) #4

I don’t know what’s going on with my iOS 12 betas, I’ve got auto updates turned on but I haven’t had any notifications of any updates, is there a way to check which beta I have installed?

(Chris) #5

Settings, General, About

(Tommy Lowe) #6

Yeah… So I’m guessing you have to distinguish from the 8 digit code which version beta that equates to? I’m on 16A5308e

(Chris) #7

Sorry, part of my message got lost there. I blame the McDonald’s WiFi.
You’re correct though.

That’s beta 2.

(Tommy Lowe) #8

Cheers Chris, not sure why I’m not being pushed b3 but oh well!


So people are having fun with the new chat option :smile:


(Philip Parkin) #10

Today my phantom portfolio of 8 investments. 4 etfs and 4 companies has outperformed my Nutmeg portfolio of 15 various ETFs by a few pounds so come on gang your costing me money.:heart_eyes:

(Viktor) #11

We’re on it! :sweat_smile: It sounds like you used the wait very well in the meantime.

How did you pick the 4 companies, if you don’t mind sharing? :slight_smile:

(Philip Parkin) #12

Hi Viktor.

From the motley fool picked them for their dividend.

(Philip Parkin) #13

Hi again Viktor.

The companies that have done wel are—Barr (AG).

Lion trust A.M.


And this particular ETF has done well also.


Keep up the progress.


(Viktor) #14

Thanks, Iceman! (I can call you Philip as well, but Iceman is just :sunglasses: )

Do you personally have conviction about these companies, or is it more a purely dividend based approach?

(Philip Parkin) #15

They are good quality companies that happen to pay good dividends.
Win Win in my opinion.