App Store / Test Flight Versions


The app versions are out of sync, the Test Flight app is 1.2.6 and the App Store one is 1.2.7:

(Dan R) #2

How can I get on TestFlight please?

(Josh Gare) #3

Oops, you’re right - it’s out of date but we’re planning to get everybody on the official App Store version actually. We’ll make sure to message that to everyone later!

Currently, you’ll find the most up to date version of the app through the App Store:

While we are officially saying bye to TestFlight now, we’ll use it to test future beta rollouts. :balloon: In this case, both versions should be the same and I will make sure to update the TestFlight version of the app. :+1:

As time goes by, it will be even more preferable for us to have all of our users on the App Store version of the app. We now have the ability to run our tests with groups of users using the App Store version of the app. Having just one version of the app to maintain will, of course, make things easier for us to manage.

(Laszlo Simon) #4

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Hey @Exindure

Originally when I posted this I thought we should be using the Test Flight but as Josh said we should be using the App Store version now.

But in terms of your position in the queue:

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