Gift / request your spot at the top of the waiting list 🎁

Following @littlefinger’s suggestion, if you’ve received an invite to create your Freetrade account but you’re not yet able to, then you can now pass on your spot at the top of the waiting list to someone else :purple_heart:

If you’re an Android user who passes on their spot, this will not affect your position when the Android app launches :sweat_smile: It can be someone specific or the next user who’s in the queue of people who have requested this gift, using the below form.

You can choose whether to share your community username so that the person who received your spot can thank you too.

Community members that gift their position will be added to a dedicated Group in the community, given a Title which you can display alongside your username & later, a Flair for your profile picture :medal_sports:

Help us come up with a name for that Group in the replies :raised_hands:

To give or request your spot at the top of the waiting list, please complete this form -


I’ve been promoting this today so there’s currently 9 queue jumps available right now, tell your friends :running_man:


Hi missponyta,

Can I get a bump if this is still available?

Kind regards,

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Stupid question but how do you PM on this platform. I can’t find it.
Anyhow my email is [edited to remove personal information].
Thanks a lot

I think you need to get a badge for exploring the forum, maybe for 10-15 minutes. Just jump through a few topics. Once you have some activity, you will be notified that you have additional functions available to you.


I would like to request a queue jump, I literally can’t wait to start investing.
You would be helping me out so much and in return I hope to help out everyone by testing Freetrade.

[edited to remove personal details]


Would also like a queue jump here, if one’s available…

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I’ve just gifted my spot, enjoy!


Thanks for getting back at me at least :smile:

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I would like to request a queue jump, I’m to excited to wait 70k+ people to start investing… I have a side iPhone and 3k pound I can start with… So please someone… anybody help me out. I will share everything I do on freetrade with the community and give feedbacks. Thank you.


If you scroll up to the first post on this thread, Alex posted the link to the form you need to fill in to request a queue jump :+1:


hehe, I’ve done that also, I’ve put my email n requested the jump. this post was just for extra on top to increase my chances :sweat_smile:


Anyone got a free queue skip! I’ve been waiting for 1-2 Months and still about 60k or something in the queue

Quite a few people did. We’ll check on this. :+1:t2:

I’m going to close this topic now, to avoid any confusion from people who think that they need to post in this thread to request a gifted spot at the top of the waitlist.

If you have any questions about how this process works, please drop us a message via the live chat on the website, it’s more fun that way anyway, we have GIFs :grin: