iOS: New FT app update formatting broken

Hi Freetrade mods,

Last nights iOS update for the app broke the layout. I have attached a screenshot.

I cannot see how much money I have invested at the top. It says GBP 7,0, and “since you were investing…”


@Doyin ( tagged because you are te only admin I know of, and I would like to bring this post to FT’s attention)

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FYI mine isn’t like this after the update. :+1: Do you have a small phone screen?

Yes I have an iphone SE / 4" screen. The phone is still supported by Apple and shall get ios 15.

The was formatted pretty well for my screen until the last update.

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I guess it is the formatting on the smaller screen then :+1: Hopefully they fix it for you soon.

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Hi @soko

I have spoken with the product team and they will look into this for you now



great. Thank-you!

@soko btw how long are you investing?

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[quote=“Lonli-Lokli, post:8, topic:51281”]
btw how long are you investing? [/quote]
for : added because I had to take a stab at your question by tagging for on the end of it so it made sense. :wink:

My answer: I don’t know. Until I get too old, or I die.

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Hi guys,

Pleased to report that today’s release mended the layout problem.

@FT please send my thanks to your developers.


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