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I often want to view all the current share prices for my held stocks and cannot do so in the main portfolio / overview page upon loading the app (it shows total value / holding). This causes me to spend time in other apps which do. Is their discussion around showing both the individual share price and the current holding value - or a toggle to allow switching between such things? A simple tap interaction like apple stocks could be an easy implementation to cycle through various info. Or, a settings toggle allowing you to customise which information you prefer to have visible.

I love the FT app, but I still spend a lot of time in other apps to see the current price. I don’t want to have to open each stock individually to see each price.

I suppose a work around is to add the same stocks you have purchased back to to your watch list. This doesn’t seem like a good solution though? Also, given the app automatically removes stocks from the Watchlist once you purchase them.

Cheers. B


Already made similar points, but I totally agree.

The app is currently set up for the most basic of user, who doesn’t care about everything an investor should be caring about.

I manage my risk on another trading platform (that doesn’t offer ISAs)

Thank you for your feedback Brendon, and I love the idea of being able to switch between different overviews of your holdings. We of course would love to keep you in the app without you having to switch to other platforms to monitor price movements.

Our engineering teams are focused on some heavy projects at the moment, though we do have some resource for UX improvements later in the year, so will look into the best ways we can do this.


In a similar vain … blatant self promotion of my own UX thread but similar idea, we do need better ways of seeing immediate information without going elsewhere or jumping through a lot of button presses [Feature Request 🔧 ] Include Risers/Fallers & Sparkline on Investments

Hi @Caitlin, can I add some feedback about some layout niggles please? (sorry @Eden for hijacking!)

I was about to open a S&S ISA and when I was scrolling through the T&C blurb I noticed a number of extra return characters making the layout look odd. I took some screen shots but didn’t mark them up as it’s pretty evident where it’s happening:


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Brilliant! Thanks for the response @Caitlin.

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