[Feature Request 🔧 ] Include Risers/Fallers & Sparkline on Investments

I’ve seen one or two mentions of this on the forum but I’ve found its becoming something ive increasingly been wanting in the app.

Specifically a way to see which stocks that I currently hold are trending up or down so I can see at a glance the big movers making the largest changes to my holdings.

Two options I have wondered about are the following

  • A tab/filter to filter an accounts holdings by top performing day/week and worst performing
  • The inclusion of a sparkline for each stock so that we can quickly see at a glance how our stocks are doing individually
  • or a combination of both

The spark line I think would be the most versatile, and reduce the number of clicks we have to go through to see the performance of our individual stocks. It might require a slight redesign of the individual stock UI element to include it but I think the benefits would be invaluable for customers.


There are days when I open the app and there has been a lot of movement the overall value of my portfolio, but because the individual holidings only show the % change since I purchased, I cannot tell where the movement has come from.


Expanding more on this, maybe the percentages shown by investments could reflect the same time period selected on the graph at the top? So when I select 1D I see how the stocks have moved today…


I think this would be great as a next feature. Really want to see how my holdings are performing at a glance.