Stock graphs that reflect your time holding a share

I don’t know if its sacrilege to mention competitors but…

The graphs on Trading212 mobile app look pretty cool. I don’t have a 212 account but have seen the screenshots a couple of times.
It looks as if the chart line is grey and then highlights for the section of time that you open a trade if that makes sense? (see picture). I imagine you could make it so that as long as you have at least a fraction of a share it is highlighted and stops when you sell your last share.

Also, I think it would be cool if you could add a little dot/icon on the full charts to show the point at which you bought/sold any shares.

Also, also, would it be possible to add small graphs (spark lines?) to the portfolio page for each stock just so you can get a quick glance of the chart without clicking on it, similar to apple stock app.


Gets my vote


Good idea, but that isn’t what that screenshot is showing - the grey line is showing the previous days price line, and the red/green line is showing todays live one.

I do like the idea of having points in time reflected on the graph, I do think it’s been suggested before though, so may be worth having a look through the ideas section and adding your vote if you can find it.

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@Eden @jspen

A year on, I decided to create the dot entry points myself in my google sheets log.

These are the points in which I have bought CINE shares (ignore the fact it’s probably all in vain lol) but this is what I would like to be able to have in app.

I don’t know how much use it serves but its i think it’s pretty cool.

Same again for VWRL.

Wish I had spent more time buying this one :joy:

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