My UX Pain Points with the app

Being in the UX industry and having invested in this new round, I thought I would contribute to helping out :slightly_smiling_face: and also being a beginner in the stock market, these are my pain points and can take whatever you want from the feedback regarding the Freetrade app.

Portfolio Page

1 - Missing 3 months view in the graph - there is a big difference to look at a company graph from 1 month to max something needs to be in between as competitors have 3, 6 months, 1 year etc and can be swipeable (currently I have to look at another site for more info).

2 - Purchasing first time in a new stock it removes it from the watchlist so now it’s harder for me to compare with the other companies in the same industry/competitors which also causes problems with point 3.

3 - I have a long Watchlist which cannot be reordered or put into the categories (grouped) so I have to keep scrolling to the bottom if I just added one or scan through each one to find the one I was looking for or see how some companies are doing.

Insights Page

I get it says beta on the top right corner but I don’t get the design of it.

I have an iPhone Xs yet I need to do a tiny scroll just to look at the Bonds section at the bottom? Basically the huge piechart is taking up so much space for what? That chart doesn’t tell me anything with the little shares I have.

And because I decided to tap on the graph and around it to test if anything happens, I somehow discovered Sector is also interactive? I had not realised that for over a month until I decided to write this. The positioning and the tiny dot below the Sector doesn’t say much.

This whole page should be telling me an overview how many different stocks I have, how many shares in each one etc. Currently I am seeing a percentage which does not tell me much as a beginner. It has become redundant right now.

(On the Buying a share page)

I don’t understand if I want to buy a bulk of shares from 1 company how I have to calculate and enter the round amount for it to calculate the shares but I cannot enter the number of shares for it to calculate the estimate figure of total amount? My maths is crap and you are overloading my brain.

Also I would like to set the price I would like to buy and how many shares and when it hits that price it buys for me that feature needs to be there asap :slightly_smiling_face:

Activity Page

Buy and sell looks the same apart from the tiny grey subheading title above each company - they do not stand out from each other when having a glance.

It would be nice when I bought a share if buying in the American market as that is my main focus - what the rate was then in dollars when bought as I just see GBP as finalised which then I have to look back at my excel sheet and try and remember at what price that was in dollars and whether to sell or not.


You really need to sort the realtime data asap as I take Tesla for example I buy a share and watching it move up and down on say the Apple Stocks app or eToro and see in realtime the price and I go to Freetrade and it’s like 3-5mins delay as I refresh waiting for the price I saw!!

I have been in the situation I buy and then come to sell and what it showed in screen before confirming to the actual sell to be different figures in difference which has really annoyed me and I don’t mean due to the exchange rate. Happened twice and I was fuming as every pound counts for me :slightly_smiling_face: so that could lead for others a bad experience.

I have attended the last 2 Zoom meetings before the crowdfund and listened and heard the web version is coming early next year. It has to be really good and useful because right now I am using other websites for research etc and then check Freetrade and then also waiting for that delay to update is becoming a pain in the ass and defeats the purpose of using it.

Also people have mentioned dividends on this forum, it really needs to be clear which company has paid, the amount etc and broken down and show visual cue where that money has gone. People don’t want to feel ripped off and have to track where that tiny dividend went.

Hope all the above makes sense and helps. Can provide screenshots if need be to make some bits clear.

Also you need to update the screenshot on the website ISA page, Step 3. It is year 2020 and shows ISA was free before as a promo for 2019.