[Feature Request 🔧] Swipe Left/Right Through Investments + Show £/$ Prices

Hi Freetrade
Some feature ideas I’d love please are -

Bring able to open one of my investments and swipe left and right to see my other’s

See the price in £ also next to the $ based on current exchange rates if a US stock

Able to easily see what I last paid for a stock I own so I can easily decide to buy or sell (in £ & $ if applicable)

Love using Freetrade, I check it every day now and love how fast trades in US stocks are going through now (presume UK are now instant too?). These feature requests would save me a lot of clicking and comparing costs on currency converters, clicking back and forth on my investments, checking my previous buy and sell prices and then having to sign back into Freetrade as it requires resigning in again very quickly when navigating away (Touch ID login)

Keep up the great work! Thank you