Small tweak suggestions

Not sure if this is the right place for suggestions like these. Here goes anyhoo.
First off I’d like to see the gain/loss under the portfolio value to reflect the time period of the graph. (Percentage as well as value) “since you began investing” is nice and fuzzy, but doesn’t really give me an easy way to gauge how my portfolio is performing against the market in general, for example.
Secondly, I find when buying shares in different countries markets. The historical purchase prices / average share price etc will be in GBP but the stock price USD. Its hard to get a true sense of what I purchased the stock for without searching the exchange rate on that day.
Also when buying US shares I am guessing the GBP value in the amount and adjusting till the number of shares is what I am looking for. It would be nice to have the current value of the stock in my own currency. It’s a minor thing, I hope it is clear what I mean


Thank you @ashreid23. The more quality feedback we as users provide the better the product will hopefully get.

Also mentioned here:

Maybe it may make sense to change the topic to Ideas and add more info to the title, so that the FX thing is highlighted there. @anon810895 should have a clue what to do.


Changed the category to Ideas, but I’ve left the title, don’t want to mess with it too much. :v:

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Are these the sort of features you’re after:

[Feature Request 🔧] Show stock operations in native currency as well as gbp




@anon810895 @AchillesFirstStand Nice to see there is a good community around the app and other people have the same issues. If Freetrade are listening I think that bodes well for the platform. Am new to how this forum is set up, so I appreciate your reply!


Nice suggestions!
Since it’s here, I hope you don’t mind me adding one to the end? :smile:

I thought it might be cool to be able to see the Y axis as a percentage (up/down) since this wouldn’t be affected by topups/withdrawals.

Since I top up every month, it alters the scale so that any day to day change is invisible and it effectively just shows when I top up. (last week being the exception, that is painfull visable :laughing: )

Welcome, mate! People from the Freetrade team are on here everyday and run the forum, but some users who have earned some sort of forum level can also edit posts to help out, I believe.