“Your investment” info for U.S stocks

I have an issue with the way that the “Your investment” information is shown for U.S stocks and I find it very irritating.

When viewing a US stock we are shown the share price in $. That’s expected, great.

However, upon purchasing this share and viewing it in the portfolio. It shows us the average price we paid, current value and profit in £ amount. I would like to be able to see the average price paid in the $ amount as quoted.

I understand we are able to view the prices we paid in $ by opening up the order contract but it just makes things more difficult when comparing performance of these shares. And even requiring us to do a conversion.

Image attached

I actually prefer it in GBP and makes sense since you can’t hold USD on Freetrade. Ultimately you bought the stock with GBP and will realize any gain/loss in GBP.

The way another broker displays overseas holdings to illustrate the FX impact is good:


Would be good to have a button/function that flips between showing your holdings in different currencies - flips between USD and GBP.

Really not hard to do. i could programme that. Gimme the source code, Victor.


I would also find it helpful to have an estimate of the exchange fee next to the current value so you get a closer current value to the actual value you can realise

Yeah I like the idea of that. Or a tap/switch function to change the display for each :blush: