Buying American Shares

With fractional shares about to be rolled out, do you think a good idea would be for us to be able to see the share price we have paid for american companies to be displayed in dollars as well as pounds?
I think it would be great to be able to see the average share price value in dollars making it easier to relate it to the current share prices.

As we can only see the current price in pounds it does make it harder to see what we have actually paid for a stock compared to its current price today.

Would be an awesome implementation if pulled off properly and could be very helpful to UK investors looking overseas!


The fx rate will be on the contract note.

Is this coming or has it already been released? I cannot see it on my contracts for american stocks I have brought?

Forgive my potential ignorance, but wouldn’t seeing your USA holdings in USD only be useful if you could actually hold USD on the platform?

Otherwise your real loss/gain will only ever be relative to the current GBP value.
Although, no harm in showing both values

Yes and no, just thought it might be a good idea to be able to see the actual value in dollars you have brought the US shares at so its easy to compare.
The actual gains and losses is easier to see in pounds but individually i think itll be better if the stocks can be seen in there own currency.

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