Little feature request

At the moment it seems that for all my US stocks, the current price is shown in $, but when you scroll down and look at the “Avg. price per share” it is shown in £.

This makes it difficult to know exactly how the average price of your shares compares to the current price, because they are in given in different currencies.

Would it be possible to make the app show your average share price in the same currency as the stock is actually in? Or at least have the equivalent price in $ next to it in brackets?


While that may seem sensible, FX rates play a big role in this. If the stock is $5 today and was $4 a week ago, that sounds good. However, GBP could be meaningfully down versus USD. This means what you’d get when selling would be less than simply the $ price when you bought versus when you sell. Taking that into account (thus showing the average in £) means you’ll be able to better compare what you get after selling if the final prices are both in Sterling.

I think showing £ next to the current price would be a better solution than showing $ next to purchase price.


I agree with this. I’m forever googling £ to $ conversion rates to try and work out prices I paid.

Perhaps also include the FX rate paid as well as the price in $?

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