☑ [Feature Request 🔧] Show investments in native currency

Is it possible to add an option to show our US stocks in dollars rather than pounds?

Makes it easier to compare quickly and is more convenient for more investors I would think. Having an option would be the best bet.

Good idea, second that. Would be good to see our investments in original currency (US$) versus local currency (GBP) to highlight the FX risk—a crucial part of investment management.


Already posted a few months ago. Multi currencies would be great. My addition

Would love to see storing in dollars…but as you said there at least has to be euros anyway for Ireland et al . Would like to see the ability to store stocks in the currency that the stock is listed in. Pounds(£) for LSE, Dollar ($) for NYSE etc. Possibly another revenue stream for Freetrade in the form of currency conversion for those that would rather change in-app

Edit: Multi-wallet currencies is what I meant like Revolut


I think that’s a great idea too but specifically, I was referring only to the prices shown.

For example, if I hold a US stock on the home ‘investments’ page under the graph, the price is shown in £ rather than dollars (unless I go into the stock page). Showing in its domestic currency would make comparisons and analysis of stocks a lot easier. This idea is specifically about that part.

Ah I get you. Ye it would be nice to show both. That’s needed. +1 from me

All I want is to see the buy price in $!


Here is @ytsruh’s old post: https://community.freetrade.io/t/show-exchange-rates-usd-cost-per-share-in-contract-notes/4262

I wonder if the votes can be merged to highlight the community support for this.


Does anybody else think that this information should be displayed in the stock’s original currency as opposed to GBP?

Say you have a US stock, it will show your investment’s current value in GBP as opposed to USD, average price per share in GBP and investment gain/loss in GBP as well. This isn’t very useful if you want to compare it against its current share price (which will be in USD).

Appreciate that if you click on the recent activity and you go to the actual buy or sell order it will show your amount in its original currency but my suggestion here is that everything should be in USD by default so you are not applying an arbitrary GBP/USD FX when displaying it.

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+1 for the idea

Yep. It’s really annoying. A stock’s info page tells you the current price in USD, but tells you your investment amount in GBP.

Sure, show us a converted amount, but we really need to see the average purchase price per share in USD if it is bought and sold in USD. A simple toggle button would work fine.

Yes! This is a massive bug bear for me, I have seen this with my previous broker as well before I joined Freetrade. This will be very helpful.

Being in the UK my profile is all in GBP. When browsing options on the NYSE, all stocks are quoted in USD.

Throughout the app there’s an inconsistency between the cost for me to purchase stocks in US listed companies, which is always quoted in dollars, and the cost I paid for stocks, which is always provided in pounds for either the single share or the bundle of shares collectivly. Ideally, It’d be good to have the price paid in both dollars and pounds, with the exchange fee broken out, and where I’m buying multiple shares the price in dollars per share and for the group (to avoid having to do the division).

Today I was watching a specific share fluctuate +/-$5, but it was near impossible to rapidly assess the current value vs the value I paid earlier in the day (without having written down the per share dollar value at the time). The market stats showed the $ value per share, and the app just gave me a single £ figure for the share, or the total cost of the group I’d earlier purchased. I’d like to be able to rapidly bench mark the two, and know the delta, without having to do USD to GBP conversions online.

Hopefully that makes sense!


For US stocks it would certainly help to know the price you paid in both USD and GBP and also then similar for the gain/loss.


Definitely agree with this. I’ve been trying to use a spreadsheet to track my dividends and performance but if it’s a US stock, it’s going to expect the cost or average price per share to be in dollars. I can manually go and convert that, but it’s not ideal and I’m not convinced it’ll be as accurate either.

Keep the cost currency the same as the currency the stock is tracked in, with maybe the option to toggle between currency it was paid in and currency it’s tracked in (or simpler just have one of the currencies in brackets next to the current one)


+1 for this.

It’s super annoying having a stock price listed in USD and your average displayed in GBP, for example.

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The toggling could be triggered by holding your thumb on the price and a tab pops up stating USD,GBP,EUR etc. and you select it. The app would remember your selection until you changed it.

All prices could have this feature, taking into account current FX rates, so share prices, portfolio totals, average share price etc.

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with the drop of the pound to the dollar today, I have yet again been misled by the profit loss percentage shown in the application. And subsequently bought when I thought I was in a dip, when of course the pound was down against the dollar. luckily at some point I ceased trading and realised.

dear freetrade, instead of showing a profit and loss % for each position, please instead show what the actual share price has increased to decreased by, or make it a toggle. Keep it consistent for stocks that we do not have holdings in. It could be helpful, and save me money. :slight_smile:

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Two years have fluttered by since this was suggested and nothing happened.

Not even an acknowledgment of this problem by FT.

Dear FT : Is this on your radar?

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