Highlighting New Stocks

(Tony) #21

Did this get implemented? When the US stocks arrived I thought I’d be able to immediately spot them due to the “new” tag, but it’s a big nope.



No new stocks this friday?

(Alex Sherwood) #23

Not this Friday but we’ve got a bonanza lined up for next week!

(Jonny) #24

Spotify? :crossed_fingers: :musical_note:


(R) #26

Exciting! Looking forward to the reveal


Where’s the bonanza? bit of a damp squib

(Alex Sherwood) #29

We’re bonanza-ing as we speak :eyes:

The blog post will be published later today.


My appetite has been whetted

(Alex Sherwood) #31

How about now? :grinning:


Awesome! - finally a music industry stock!

(Tony) #33

But still not indicated as new in the app? Is that meant to be a thing or not?

(Alex Sherwood) #34

Not yet, we’ll let you know when it’s ready here New Stock Badge.