Freetrade for Android - Changelogs, Teardowns & Deep Dives 👨‍💻

Version: 1.0.2900



It’s been a couple of weeks in the making so let’s see what we’ve got :sunglasses::tada:


<string name="amount_available_to_invest">%1$s available to invest</string>
<string name="amount_remaining">%1$s remaining</string>

The top line is new, not sure where it’ll appear. The bottom line has just moved around a bit in the code :yum: no new info.

<string name="bank_account_transfer_details_isa_text">To add money to your Investment ISA, make a bank transfer using the details below.</string>

<string name="bank_transfer_isa_reference">Unique Investment ISA reference</string>

Looks like there will be a specific set of instructions to top up an ISA vs a Basic account :eyes:

<string name="choose_account_type">Choose account type</string>
<string name="choose_account_type_gia_price">0</string>
<string name="choose_account_type_isa_price">3</string>
<string name="choose_account_type_isa_section_first">Free basic orders</string>
<string name="choose_account_type_isa_section_second">All gains &amp; dividends are tax-free</string>
<string name="choose_account_type_isa_section_third">Add up to £20,000 per year</string>
<string name="choose_account_type_price_per_month"> /mo</string>
<string name="choose_account_type_subtitle">"Invest through our Investment ISA and grow your investments tax-free.

A Basic account is free but your investments may be taxable."</string>

ISA / GIA selection :boom::freetrade: (and a hard coded price… Guess that’s not changing anytime soon :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:)

<string name="creating_isa_account_complete_message">Thanks for opening an Investment ISA with us. Welcome to the world of tax-efficient investing.</string>
<string name="creating_isa_account_complete_title">ISA opened successfully</string>
<string name="creating_isa_account_description">"We're just opening your ISA, the world of tax-efficient investing awaits!"</string>
<string name="creating_isa_account_description_help_trouble">Are you having any trouble? Can we help?</string>
<string name="creating_isa_account_description_help_trouble_text_mask">Can we help?</string>
<string name="creating_isa_account_error_caption">Something went wrong when trying to open your Investment ISA. Please contact support.</string>
<string name="creating_isa_account_error_contact_support">Contact support</string>
<string name="creating_isa_account_title">Opening your Investment ISA</string>

Extra fun info :raised_hands: this ISA stuff is close! :grin:

<string name="foobar_success_subtitle">You successfully signed up with Foobar! We just need your nationality to continue.</string>
<string name="foobar_success_title">Success</string>

:eyes: Wonder if Foobar support will come to existing Freetrade customers :thinking: or whether it’ll be exclusively for new people? :pray:

<string name="googlepay_button_description">Google Pay button</string>
<string name="googlepay_remaining_topup">Remaining to top up with Google pay</string>
<string name="googlepay_subtitle">"We're testing Google Pay. You can add up to £1000. Bank transfers are unlimited."</string>
<string name="googlepay_title">Top up your account</string>

:heart_eyes: FANTASTIC! Can’t wait to top-up with GPay instead of a bank transfer :blush:

<string name="profile_alpha">Alpha</string>
<string name="profile_early_investor">Early investor</string>

Sadly, I’m neither… But I do have a user number badge :yum:

<string name="switch_account">Switch account</string>

This will be for flicking between ISA & GIA accounts :twisted_rightwards_arrows:

<string name="topup_bottom_sheet_bank">Bank transfer</string>
<string name="topup_bottom_sheet_bank_description">Unlimited top-ups, forever.</string>
<string name="topup_bottom_sheet_google">Google Pay</string>
<string name="topup_bottom_sheet_google_description">"Quickly top-up by up to £1000. To withdraw you'll need to link your bank account."</string>
<string name="topup_bottom_sheet_title">How would you like to top up?</string>

Aha, this is where you’ll choose between top-up types :slight_smile: Pros & Cons to both :raised_hands:

<string name="update">Update</string>
<string name="update_body">We have a shiny new version of Freetrade for you. You have to update now to continue.</string>
<string name="update_required">New version available</string>

Sensible! Freetrade will alert you to new updates, presumably this is similar to Monzo’s implementation which blocks ancient versions of the app from running :smiley:

Shiny new files :fire:

image image

What’s an AirBnB folder doing in here?! :joy: image

I believe that’s about it :smiley: Oh! Here’s what the badges look like (profile page) :blush:



Airbnb folder? :joy: That’s hilarious


Aha! :joy: Ok so it’s not for renting property with stocks and shares :rofl:

It’s a library for Android effects :grin:


You have a different reference for each when topping up, so I guess that’s what this refers to


Do we have any evidence Foobar could be what we think it is?

Praying it is… Hope they announce it soon if it’s true!

Whatever Foobar is, looks like they’re only going to use it to open accounts - so no benefit if you’re already an account holder?

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It’s looking that way :eyes: Maybe I’ll close & re-open my account to test it :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: #madman!

I’ll keep my eyes peeled for any clues which point towards a use for existing account holders but the integration is almost definitely limited to new-users, for now :stuck_out_tongue:

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It’ll turn out to just be sign up/log in with your Google account, won’t it? :pensive:

They do seem to be doing some work around onboarding new users, with the Apple Pay/Google Pay being mostly there to make it easy for initial transfers for new users and now this presumably new login method for new users.

Version: 1.0.3383


It’s been a while since the last update so let’s see what we’ve got :sunglasses::tada:


<string name="agreeing_isa_declarations_check_one_label">
I have not subscribed, and will not subscribe, to another stocks and shares ISA in the same tax year that I subscribe to this stocks and shares ISA.
<string name="agreeing_isa_declarations_check_two_label">
I declare that this application is made and information provided to the best of my knowledge and belief.
<string name="agreeing_isa_declarations_continue_button_label">Confirm & Open ISA</string>
<string name="agreeing_isa_declarations_section_first">
"I apply to subscribe to a stocks and shares ISA for the tax year 2019/20 and each subsequent tax year until further notice. I declare that:"
<string name="agreeing_isa_declarations_section_second">
I authorise Freetrade Limited to hold my cash subscription / payment, ISA investments, dividends and any other rights or proceeds in respect of the those investments and any other cash and to make on my behalf any claims to relief from tax in respect of ISA investments.
<string name="agreeing_isa_declarations_title">ISA declaration</string>

ISAs :sunglasses: All of the shiny new terms to go along with them :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

<string name="bank_account_transfer_remember_copy_isa">
Don’t forget to copy your unique reference number or your money won’t reach your ISA account.

New reference for ISA top-ups, I believe we were expecting this though :yum: @Rat_au_van pointed out that this is the behaviour on iOS :smiley:

<string name="chip_category_etf">Exchange Traded Fund</string>
<string name="chip_category_stock">Stock</string>
<string name="chip_category_uk">UK</string>
<string name="chip_category_us">US</string>

Categories :raised_hands:
… These popped up for a fraction of a second and disappeared when I updated the app :eyes: grr :joy:

<string name="choose_account_type_isa_free_text">Free until July 2019</string>
<string name="choose_account_type_open_investment_isa">Open Investment ISA</string>

"Invest through our Investment ISA and grow your investments tax-free. "
<string name="choose_account_type_subtitle_disclaimer">
A Basic account is free but your investments may be taxable.

Free until July 2019, good stuff!

<string name="default_error_msg">Unknown error</string>

Who knows? Not me! Because it’s an unknown error :eyes:

<string name="entering_ni_number_help_trouble">Are you having any trouble? Can we help?</string>
<string name="entering_ni_number_help_trouble_text_mask">Can we help?</string>
<string name="entering_ni_number_hint">National insurance number</string>
<string name="entering_ni_number_subtitle">
You must have a UK national insurance number to open an Investment ISA.
<string name="entering_ni_number_title">Enter national insurance number</string>

Some extra assistance / guidance whilst entering your NI number :smiley:

<string name="fingerprint_error_lockout">Too many attempts. Please try again later.</string>

I guess this didn’t exist before :yum: I can’t say I tried to break into my own app though :joy:

<string name="googlepay_error_content">%1$s</string>
<string name="googlepay_error_title">Your top up was unsuccessful</string>
<string name="googlepay_limit_reached">
"You've reached your limit for Google Pay. Use a bank transfer instead"

<string name="googlepay_success_content">
"%1$s has been deposited into your account. We'll notify you when it arrives."
<string name="googlepay_success_title">Your top up was successful</string>

More goodies for GPay :tada: I’ve still not got the ability to top-up this way but it must be getting closer :boom:

<string name="investments_see_all">See all</string>
<string name="investments_see_less">See less</string>
<string name="investments_see_more">See more</string>
<string name="isa_declaration_list_mask_terms_and_conditions">ISA terms and conditions</string>

I think somebody’s commented in the thread which @alexs started :eyes: I’ve clearly not got enough investments to see these buttons :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

<string name="mtrl_picker_cancel">Cancel</string>
<string name="mtrl_picker_confirm">Save</string>
<string name="mtrl_picker_header_prompt">Pick a Date</string>
<string name="mtrl_picker_header_selected">%1$s</string>
<string name="mtrl_picker_range_header_prompt">Pick a Date Range</string>
<string name="mtrl_picker_range_header_selected">%1$s - %2$s</string>

Hmm :thinking: I’ve got no idea where these will live :houses:
Any ideas? :smiley:

<string name="outage_message">
"We're performing some behind-the-scenes maintenance. We expect to be back in a few hours, check back soon!"
<string name="outage_support_mask">contact us.</string>
<string name="outage_support_title">If you’ve got any questions you can contact us.</string>
<string name="outage_title">"We'll be back soon"</string>

Eek!! I hope Freetrade isn’t expecting too much downtime :eyes: This is now hardcoded within the app though :sweat_smile:

<string name="portfolio_bank_account_linked_subtitle_isa">
Your cash will show up here once you’ve topped up your ISA account.

<string name="profile_open_investment_isa">Open Investment ISA</string>

<string name="topup_info3_isa">
Important! Use your unique reference number to ensure your money can find your ISA account.

:tada: I’m on the ISA trial but I’ve not opened the account yet :eyes: (it’s been a long day, hence the 11pm teardown :rofl:)

<string name="wallet_buy_button_place_holder">Buy with Google</string>

Hopefully this’ll be soon! :crossed_fingers: It’s going to make that initial investment so much quicker & easier :blush:

I’m on a Mac so I’ve not done as deep a teardown as I’d normally do :see_no_evil: I’ve not got my lovely Windows tools with me :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: and I’ve not yet found MacOS alternatives :eyes: it took me long enough to decompile APKs :sweat_smile:

I’ll edit this post when I’ve got my hands on my main PC :sunglasses: I’ll see if Foobar has reared its head again :yum:


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Updated the above post with a full-ish teardown :blush::freetrade::point_up:

Enjoy :raised_hands:


Version: 1.0.3520



String changes are just typo fixes and grammatical changes :grin: Sadly nothing worthwhile sharing!

There’s some new icons :tada:

9 9 9 9

The names of these files point towards “sign in with Google” :sunglasses: Google OAuth == Foobar?


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Out of interest, does Freetrade mind these teardowns? Software and engineering companies that I know of try to prevent reverse engineering, which this seems similar to.

I guess there might be some features that they’ve included in updates, but have not yet activated.

The really good things are normally hidden :grin:


I’m sure if they minded @AchillesFirstStand would have been snatched in the night already with @alex.s ready to interrogate…sorry “question”!

We don’t mind them :slight_smile: Sometimes things that we haven’t announced will show up early, which is a nice bonus for this community to hear about.


Version: 1.0.4370


It’s been a month since my last teardown…! But let’s get back to it :relieved:


<string name="beta_badge_title">Beta</string>

Looks like this is the nice Beta badge we see on the ‘Insights’ tab :eyes:

<string name="discover_sectors_items">%1$s items</string>
<string name="discover_sectors_title">Industries</string>

Looks like we’ll be able to filter the ‘Discover’ tab by industries :eyes:

<string name="freeshare_complete_description">"You've earned a mystery share - we'll reveal it in a few weeks!"</string>

This has changed from We gift free shares on Friday

<string name="freeshare_prod_url"></string>

Wow! :eyes: Free (up to) £80 share if you signup using that link :open_mouth:

<string name="instrument_costs">Costs and Charges</string>
<string name="instrument_costs_link">$s.html</string>

Some extra links to costs / charges :slightly_smiling_face: (Currently a placeholder)

<string name="performance_graph_key">Your investment(s)</string>
<string name="performance_subtitle">Investment performance</string>

A graph?! :chart_with_upwards_trend: I like graphs :joy:

<string name="insights_bonds">Bonds</string>
<string name="insights_cash">Cash</string>
<string name="insights_commodities">Commodities</string>
<string name="insights_empty_subtitle">Once you’ve made your first investment you’ll see tools that’ll help you to make well-informed investing choices.</string>
<string name="insights_empty_title">Insights</string>
<string name="insights_group_industry">Industry</string>
<string name="insights_group_location">Location</string>
<string name="insights_group_type">Type</string>
<string name="insights_in">in</string>
<string name="insights_location_uk">UK</string>
<string name="insights_location_us">US</string>
<string name="insights_stocks">Stocks</string>
<string name="insights_subtitle">Portfolio breakdown</string>
<string name="insights_title">Insights</string>

Here are all of the new ‘Insights’ strings :sunglasses: If you’ve got access, this is everything that it’ll currently show you :+1: It’ll be fun to see this list grow! :smiley:

Doesn’t look like there have been any new assets added since version 1.0.3520 :slight_smile: I’ll be doing these teardowns as the app is updated again, hopefully no more crazy delays :raised_hands:


I was hoping for that but did not see Industries on the screenshots, that’s awesome news! :grin: