Client sentiment

I feel this would be a good idea, IG has something where they give a % of long and short buys of IG users as well as a how many users have an open position in the stock.

I know the long and short isnt something that can be implemented until FT decided they will allow shorting. But I quite like the idea of seeing how many FT users are into a certain stock.

Would like to see this as well. Robinhood are notorious for this. Here is an example of the 100 most bought stocks on RH, I can’t seem to navigate to the page that used to give one company per page in a countdown

I think we should introduce this feature where you can search for stocks via parameters (right)

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Be nice to see what other people on the platform are buying. Freetrade sometimes (or used to) post the top weekly buys on this forum, but I can’t find it now :man_facepalming: