New features for GIA & ISA please!

Been using FT since march and finding the lack of features quite evident now.

A few things I’d personally like FT to implement:

Investments & watchlist sorting/customisation
Comprehensive graph & portfolio data
Live stock data ( LIVE - 1D - 1W - 1M - 6M - 1Y - MAX)
Total current investment gains
Total dividend gains
Email confirmations
Stock suggestions & latest news
Price alerts
Premarket/After hours trading
FT crypto

Robinhood app is a great example of how much potential FT has if they choose to implement such features. It has the perfect balance between long and short term investing.

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As far as I can understand Freetrade’s management have no interest in facilitating short term investing, but it’s very keen and focused on long term investing. I do think however that some tools are used in both approaches

Robinhood and How to Lose Money

I was with you until that, Robinhood seem to have a very nasty business model.

I’m only suggesting features here that will benefit our FT users. How robinhood make their money behind the scenes is a different issue.


I agree, the tools are at the individuals disposal and personal approaches to investing. Personally I’d like to option to operate between short/mid term while still maintaining my long term goals.

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