[Idea] Storing USD Dividends in $

I love the app and the opportunities it gives to invest in international stocks. I get very excited about dividends in my GIA, I wish they weren’t automatically FX’d back to GBP. Ideally I would like to have the option to have them paid into a little USD dividend cash pot that I can then reinvest. Is that something that would be viable?

One of the main ways that FT support your ability to trade for £0 per trade is the small FX cost (0.45%).

I’m afraid this would be a case of not being able to have it all.

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I suppose the better question might be to ask how much are you willing to pay for a USD account?

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Or where do you think Freetrade should move the “charges” to so they are a viable company? You can guarantee people would then say why can’t this bit be better/cheaper? The current way means it is free to trade but if you swap currency they make a tiny bit on the change. :+1:

This model means the platform is true in that you can trade for free in the UK and next to free for elsewhere.