[Feature Request] USD currency pots

Feature Request

Provide USD pots instead of automatically exchanging USD into GBP.

Situation and the Problem

Sale of US shares, and US dividend payments are immediately converted from USD into GBP.

i) no decision making on when currency is exchanged

ii) Re-investing with USD divs/share sales hits us with another FX fee, and an exchange rate hit.

iii) cannot withdraw USD into nominated bank account.


Provide us with two pots: one where we get charged an FX fee to do GBP to USD (we already have this), and another that receives USD when we sell or receive dividends.

To convert from a USD pot back to GBP we can pay the FX fee.

When we buy shares, it uses currency from the non-sell USD pot for free if funds are available, and any extra it can take from the sell pot has an FX fee charged. We could withdraw USD directly from Freetrade into our nominated USD currency account*

This way Freetrade still earn some money for supporting foreign trades, but clients can also avoid exchanging an unfavourable rates, and actually use their bucks.


Currency FX fees are reasonable, but right now we have no control over these. Even less control when receiving dividends.

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