The creation of different portfolios and ability to change the order of stocks in a list

Please would you comment on this topic, should you want Freetrade to make it possible to create different portfolios of stocks, within each type of investment account, e.g., Banking, Shipping, Real Estate, Financial, etc. within your GIA, ISA, or SIPP, and for the user to be able to change the order that each stock, in each portfolio, appears in, i.e., highest to lowest, lowest to highest holding (in either number of shares or value), and/or custom ordering, i.e. Alphabetical order, Favorites First, etc.

Good idea. I have made this an idea and you can vote for it now.


Good idea :+1:

I would love to see this feature. I imagine it’s different pots with individual pies to allocate to.

I would be able to finally seperate my core portfolio from the rest.