API for writing bots [self promotion]

Hi all,

I’m a software engineer, I’ve worked in financial institutions in the past, and I’m interested in the fast flowing data in the space - but what isn’t typically offered to retail investors very often is the ability to follow an automated buying strategy for managing a portfolio.

T212, dare I say, has a feature called “Pies” which allows a user to select stocks they wish to invest in proportially, and then put a sum of money against it. The Pie will then proportionally buy/sell the stocks within it based on the amount of money added/withdrawn.

Given there are some ETF’s that aren’t available on Freetrade, I’ve been debating writing my own bot to look at the trading activity of a given fund, then update my own “pie” with the proportional values using the bot.

The benefit of this could be that users like me can create these bots, that manage given “Pots” within Freetrade, these areas will be completely isolated from users accounts, so a user can subscribe to a pot, but the pot itself doesn’t know anything about the user.

This could be a feature only available within a premium membership model, and you could also open it up so people can create a bot, that manages a pie, and the bot owners can take a small fee for subscribing to their pot.

There are so many other options in this area, I think it could be really interesting to build something like this to help engage investors who want to manage their own portfolios, but also take an option to have something more “actively managed” than doing it all themselves, these kinds of features would mean more uptake from people typically scared of investing, and it could also be another revenue stream into Freetrade.

@freetrade if you want to hire me to generate more amazing ideas, let me know :smiley:

So eToro?

might be worth seeing if any of @finki’s stuff already addresses you needs?