Share Activity (to Social Media)

This is based on @TomAsh’s post.

It would be good to be able to share items from the Activity screen to anywhere, but especially to social media platforms.

@TomAsh specifically proposed sharing the free shares with some short information about the platform as a way of getting some free promotion.

This could also be applied to anything in the activity list though, such as just buying or selling. You could customise the messages based on what kind of item they’re sharing. For example, something about how much they bought a share for, or whether they made a profit with a sale, etc.

Already selected for development!


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Definitely seems like a good idea, the idea of shareable content. As long as it doesn’t get too annoying/invasive.

That’s how you’re gonna go viral with the ‘millenials’ :wink: and younger.

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I, too, heard this about The Millennials. :upside_down_face:


Agree that this is feels like the thing to do in this day and age.

But god I hate the impact and reliance on social media. And I say that as an 80s child.


Agreed. This could be a great way to promote. Really like the new share idea from @TomAsh post. Personally I wouldn’t like to share how much shares I bought but a post saying. "Shane bought some shares in X at £Y price…"would be really good. So that would be the heading and then a link w/preview image of freetrade app

Like this type of setup with all the info what you bought above and then link to freetrade below. Either to the main page or perhaps a way for a non-user to directly view the share bought. Limited abilities on the platform more of a view-only into current price etc.

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It’s probably worth considering that most people seeing the share/post won’t have the Freetrade app installed. So I’d expect it would go to the Freetrade website. I know you can do some magic that takes you to the app store or a website if the app isn’t installed, and deep links you into the app (perhaps to the particular share page) if they have it installed.

What I’m getting at is there are some people who want to share with friends they know have the app, while others are promoting Freetrade (or showing off lol).

I’ve been working on something for this. Here’s a small sneak peek :eyes:


That’s cool :+1:

I think I agree with @shane-aurora, though, that some people aren’t going to want to share that total amount.

Also, how does this work for a non-instant buy? Since you can cancel it later before 4 PM, does it make sense to be able to share the fact you’ve queued up a buy? Given this is the way to trade for free, perhaps it is actually something we want people to share?

I think I’d like to see a share button on the screen you get after you click an item in Activity. The kind of share certificate screen.
Also, I just noticed there is a share icon (

) beside my July Statement in the activity. That’s not really an option for share purchases since the spot is taken by the total cost. Clicking the statement item actually activates the same action as share, which is weird.

Perhaps consider the consistencies between sharing a shatement (which is a weird thing to do in general, perhaps a download icon would make more sense) and sharing other activity.

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Looks good. I agree with @zaccharles that not everyone will want to share the price per/share, or the number of shares they purchased.

Will these have a call to action? Like a link to a Freetrade landing page or something?

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Thank you @zaccharles it’s definitely something we’re considering and yes, we want to show that you can trade commission-free.

I agree that the share icon in Statement feels a bit weird at the moment and we may replace it in the future.

Yes, our social handles or website so that new users can easily check us out :wink:

I think sharing stocks in general would be a big benefit, for example when discussing them on the forum or if you want to link a stock to your mate on whatsapp. Something like this:

The person receiving the link can instantly view the share in app and even decide if they want to purchase some. If the person shared to doesn’t have the app it could link them to the app store to download.

I have a few friends that use freetrade now, it would help if we could text each other links to stocks when we’re messaging, otherwise I have to say for example “go to discover and type in ‘TRIG’…”. I assume this would get users interacting with the app more and would be great / free marketing to new users when the links are shared on social media / messaging apps.

If the Freetrade app was the default location that people linked to when they’re discussing a stock, this would get a lot of interactions to the app.


Apologies if this has already been proposed.

But I would like to see;

A - the ability to share an individual stock with a friend that gives them the link to the stock in their FT account.

B - the ability to share a version of my list of shares, with friends that I choose who are on FT. Makes investing more interactive and fun.


Please consider introducing a “Share” button on each stock page.

This is something I’d like to use to share a stock with a friend.

It could then be a link which opens to the stock in my friends app, or if they don’t have the app, create a section of the FT website with all the stock graphs (that mimics the app). Instead of having buy/sell it has a link to download the app.

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