Sharing your portfolio allocation with other users

I mentioned this already


Yeah I would only like an infographic type export that I could share to social media, friends and family etc. Nothing like that

Agreed - I’m against this idea completely.

I quite clearly stated this should be optional. For obvious reasons. Curious as to why you would be against it if it’s optional?

Personally it feels like gamification and anything like this kind of information influences others trading and investment choices. That doesn’t sit right with me.

I think that’s a valid concern. But the messaging of the feature would be key. It’s not to be sold as a “copycat” trading feature. It’s a collaborative feature where you can easily share your positions with friends.

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Hence the reason OP said “have the ability to”. This is something that I assume would be great to share with friends and family etc. Also for personal use. I think sharing portfolio and getting snapshot infographics would be great to keep track off and see how your portfolio has evolved over time.

Maybe an interactice infographic feature when you click that sums up your portfolio in a clean clear way.
I guess this would be ideal when desktop will launch. But would be super fun to sum-up feature.

I think it would be good to be able to share limited information. I have got most of the people I work with signed up and we would like to share at least P/L percentages to make it slightly competitive. We could do this with the API when it comes out but would be good if it was built in. I guess similar to the friend groups in fitbit which show your rolling 7day total but not anything else.

I don’t think it should show the value of your holding and possibly not even what shares you hold.

Will FT consider the development of features to copy portfolios/ earn management fees?
The poor quality of eToro creates a good opportunity for FT.
Also the ability for users to earn money/create a business will increase app usage, so win-win. (Same concept as instragram)