How many users now?

Colleague signed up today - 179,XXX


3 weeks to 200k then?

Based on projections, I believe FT will hit 200K between 1st and 7th of July! :crossed_fingers: :crossed_fingers:

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Forgive the stupid question but does the number of people on the board (around 200k as you say) have any impact on the success of FT? Surely the number of users of the app is the key stat?

This is app users. Only about 7k on forum I think.


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@Viktor has said we’re at 179,352 users!:rocket:


Nice. I must have missed that on the call. But certainly seems Freetrade’s measurement is slightly different to the actual assigned user number that we have been seeing here, as we were at 179,XXX 3 days ago. Doubt we have only added 352 since then. Also when Adam indicated a number just before the last fundraise, it shows a dip in average user growth on the graph. I don’t think we are comparing apples with apples. Would be helpful to know the difference.


Yeah pretty sure that’s wrong. All the other numbers were consistent. Should be around 181k I’d have thought

Would be great to hear the clarification. Perhaps one explanation is a user number is unique but perhaps freetrade has a lower number because they’re no longer counting closed accounts?

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It was on the chat on the zoom call… I’m sure the guys can confirm! 200K by the end of the month?

200k by the end of the month would be fantastic :grinning:


500k when?

Any numbers from new users to check our hypothesis that FT’s calculation is a bit different to “Assigned User Number” that we have been using? Thanks!

The numbers you have are pretty bang on. There are about 3k test users from when we first got the system running but the numbers are otherwise unchanged from what we track.


Might be the wrong thread but it was quite the surprise to see one of my clients just set up a Freetrade ISA. Feels like its started to get really big now.


Partner signed up, we’re on 183,5** k users now


That’s a big increase. 1,125 over 4 days. I suspect the new stocks will be part of the reason for that.


Social media recommendations, shares and retweets go a long way. Gets friends & colleagues curious and more and more will open an account.


I haven’t followed this thread too closely, but weren’t they tracking ~600 per day? Has it slowed down now? ~50% drop from peak isn’t great news.