How should Freetrade boost the growth of this community?

I’m picturing something similar to this:

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Not sure if it has been suggested already, but one way to send users to the forum would be to invite them to cast a vote when they’re looking for stocks/etf not yet available in the app


Like this, so in the screen in discover that says oops there is nothing with your search criteria, have a link there that prompts the user to request it in the community.

Potentially also a prompt, a week after a user signs up saying “hope you are enjoying the journey blah blah. You are not alone in this, join our community and get the conversation going”

Or if you really wanna be hardcore about this, some special app icon available if you join the community with your Freetrade email


This is what you currently see when you search for something that’s not found

Additionally most of the ~7k members would have posted less than a handful of times. There could be something there in finding out why.


Or if you really want to get this going, potentially give free shares to community members after they hit certain community milestones


Haha lol didn’t remember :rofl:

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Can we make the community for active Freetrade members, People who have actually invested. It seems a few join just to leave negative comments, and also you get the odd stock request that has had to have come from someone with a vested interest in the company as the stock has zero appeal.

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That’s how company forums work, 99% of the people are just here because of issues or to request something.

:thinking: indeed.

Perhaps interested parties can pm. I can certainly share a link to anyone who asks.

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An app for the freetrade community forum

Discourse has an app already

since when? there is no app for the freetrade community forum

The Discourse App works perfectly with the FT forum

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On android it opens as an app automatically if you save to home page


Why? - What is Freetrade looking to achieve by increasing the ‘growth’ of the community?

Having more users just sign up but not interact or engage in the community seems pointless, therefore for me it would be good to get an understanding on what does success look like.

If you want just more people registering:
*Look at the onboarding experience for the FT app, can anything be done to link in with Discourse? remove the barriers of signing up and make it friction free.
*Look at the integration between the FT app and what information is cross populated.
*Discover Stocks or Request Stocks… make it more clearer from the app that if you would like to see a company added you can add a request on here.
*Feature Request … same as above.

*more competitions …pick a share… knock out stages…etc
*Freetrade goodies… I’ll take a hoody (small)
*Link all social posts back to the forum.
*Beta testing/feedback I think could work well to encourage users to post back on here.

Social Media - Not answering the question here… but ill provide feedback.
*I regularly post stuff on IG about my investment journey. It would be good if some things like dividend’s, investment etc, top winners/losers etc could be shared in a design format that works for that platform and others… I’ve seen loads of users now posting video’s on youtube and instagram…

My 2 pennies and ramblings


When my life calms down & returns to a typical level of sanity I will resume my YouTubing - I’ll add a CTA and link to the community in them. My tiny channel is unlikely to make a dent but every little helps etc


It might be coming anyway, but how about a full product launch for Plus (with a healthy number of new stocks added at the same time!)

Thinking a notification to all users via the app with either direction to the community for the zoom, or as the link is a little hard to find and only given last minute, you could share zoom details directly on the app.

On the zoom you could briefly show the wider audience the community, what value they can get from it (e.g. how to vote for new stocks, stock discussions, ideas) and how to access it more easily via the Discourse app.


Fully agreed:

We need to build our culture, too.

When looking at the data, it’s clear that 1) that are high-quality comments but 2) people don’t like each others’ comments enough.

That’s a very low-cost way of showing appreciation.

So everyone reading this, please browse further, and like the posts that add value and you appreciate.

Meanwhile, we’ll look at all these ideas.


Maybe we could have star ratings next to user name on forum like 1 to 5 stars reflecting last 365 days total portfolio return % . For example 1 star for up to +10% and 5 stars for 40+%. So when new and existing investors are reading the forum they can see who they are learning from and how people are been doing using their own strategy/knowledge. Could have minimum requirements of 6 months served and at least maybe something like £1000+ invested between minimum few holdings. And of course give people ability to toggle on/off if they show their raiting to others or not as maybe they prefer not to show or just havent got stars to show:) And also could have funny rank names.


Not really sure that seems like a thing people would want revealed?

With the ability to turn it off it would just exist as a way to show off and potentially lead to people copying what those who are ‘rated’ say.