Going beyond "simple, zero-fee investing"

I love Freetrade right now, but what is even more exciting is what it could become once it goes beyond “simple, zero-fee investing”. :rocket:

I wrote a Medium post, which I’d be interested to get your thoughts on. If you don’t have 5 mins to read it, the tl;dr is:

Think about how Headspace has made meditation feel like an essential part of modern daily life rather than a niche, hippy pastime. Or how Duolingo makes learning a new language feel do-able. Or how Airbnb makes staying in a stranger’s home a perfectly normal way to travel. This is what Freetrade can do for investing.


Freetrade are doing a lot to build a community and knowledge base. But a drip email marketing campaign might be a good way to test point 1 from your suggestions list. It could also be a good way to group members on the same point of their journey, and see what/how people drop off etc. There’s a lot you can do with email these days.

NinetyNine have gone some way to build a learning section and it seems well structured.

In terms of other ideas, I like Kenny’s

(edit) - Robinhood has Invite Your Friends, Get Free Stocks - I don’t know how well it’s working for them but it’s interesting nonetheless, suppose their forecasts show their LTV can support this.