Advice on long term investing?

Hi, I am a beginner invester. Could anyone please give me any tips on finding stocks to invest long term and which ones are good to look at?

Also how exactly will the Brexit affect the stock market? Would it have a big impact on long term investments?


A similar question was asked here…

As for Brexit, no one really knows :joy:

Hope it helps :grinning:

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Read Smarter Investing by Tim Hale

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Perhaps you can start here.

Books, podcasts and newsletters recommended by the community:

If you follow the above advice and read Tim Hale’s book (or any other good book), you’ll find that long term investing is not best done by trying to pick a stock yourself, but by trying to capture the average market return, which can be done with a broad ETF.

As for Brexit, no one can predict the future. But if you diversify globally (and probably even if you don’t), it is very unlikely that any political event will undermine the 1 thing that all long term investors rely on: the market will go up, on average, on a long time line, at a rate higher than cash savings.